The Rules

Jul. 27th, 2013 11:36 pm
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The Rules

1. Skype is your friend. Although most gameplay will be done through posts in the RPG community, Skype is essential for plotting, discussing problems, and just plain talking to each other. We want to play this game together, and being isolated isn’t fun. Neither is waiting for someone to email you back when you need an immediate answer on something. Players should have a screenname where other players can reach them. If you can't create a new one solely for the game, that's alright. If Skype isn't an option for you, please look into using Google Hangouts. Write 731 in the RTR section of the application.

2. Stay canon. You’re playing a character and they won’t act the same way you would in every situation. If you have any questions about how your character might act, check out the Marvel MCU Wiki or ask a mod for help. Characters who are extremely OOC will not be accepted into the game and those already active will be warned by a mod.

3. The journal represents the character, not you. Write as your character would write, and chances are that doesn’t include netspeak, smiley faces, or phrases like “lol” and “brb.” (Of course, for certain characters, this will be IC. Please judge accordingly.) Players will be warned for this kind of behavior, as it amounts to playing OOC.

4. Be active. There should be a post from your character at least once a week, more so if you’re playing a major character. Players will be emailed by the mods if you drop off the face of the planet for two weeks or more. If you have an extended week of absence, leave a post in the OOC community or email the mods so we know what’s up. Inactive players will lose their characters if you randomly disappear on us.

5. The mods are your friends. If you have any problems, we’re always here to help you. Don’t be afraid to talk to us! After all, it’s what we’re here for.

6. Storylines: We encourage all players to come up with fun plot ideas, twists and turns. This game does encourage creativity; however, we ask that if you have a large / long plot you want to play, that you run it by one of the mods before you put it into action.

7. Probability: There are just certain things, no matter how much fun they seem, or how much you want to play them, are just not feasible. The mods reserve the right to close down storylines that crosses this line of probability.

8. Pairings: While everyone has a specific pairing they would like to play out, please, again think about feasibility. If you are going to have your character have a crush on someone, pursue a relationship or be their best friend, please talk to the player of the other character first. It's all about courtesy.

10. Smut; as this game is 17-and-up. All rp-scenes with a NC17 rating must be behind a cut and labeled with a warning for adult material.

11. OC's: We are not accepting original characters at this time. There are many characters within the Marvel 616 Universe and the MCU. Any characters not currently found within the MCU may be adapted to fit.

12. Be nice. This means no flaming, no trash talking about fellow players, and the like. Bring problems to the mods and we’ll handle it. Players will be warned about such behavior and action will be taken if it continues.

13. ICA = ICC. In-character actions will lead to in-character consequences.

14. IC ‡ OOC. The player and the character are not the same thing. If a character insults yours (or, start a fight), it is not the other player insulting you. Likewise, if a character hits on yours, it is not the player behind the character hitting on you. Should you find yourself taking the roleplaying scenes too much to heart, please let the mods know and we will do our best to help you.

15. Related characters. Should you apply (and get accepted) for a character that already has close family members in the game, please contact the other player (-s) before writing your characters backstory. This will help avoid conflicts about family history and past events.

16. Hiatus. Everyone needs time off, even from roleplaying online and we understand this. All we ask, is if you could post a notice in the ooc community or send the mods an email about it. Mentioning when you're planning on coming back is a plus.

17. Have fun. If you’re not having a good time, then what’s the point in playing?

Logs and rp's first post should be labelled like this:
Who: (Who can join the thread or who is already in it)
Where: The location of the scene
When: Date, year of when this took place, or alternately, after / before / simultaneously as which other event
Why: Is this plot-related, because you were bored or maybe you just wanted to rp with a specific player? Tell everyone here.
Open: Can others join you in this thread?

RP-scenes will be in third-person storyteller. Example of the first post in an rp-thread:
Who: Tony and Steve
When: Directly after Coulson's death
Where: On the Helicarrier
Why: Plot
Open? No

The room was quiet as Tony looked across the table at Rogers. It had been a long time since Tony Stark had stared death in the face and he didn't like it. They weren't supposed to lose people, not like Yensen and the time spent in the cave. There was blood on the floor. Tony very carefully didn't look at it.

Steve kept trying to make eye contact with Stark. He didn't know the other man well (not at all, actually) but he was sure losing somebody on their side wasn't something that Stark was going to handle well. There was a look in a soldier's eyes, that Stark just didn't have.

They were saved from speaking as Fury entered the room.


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